Friday, September 29, 2017

Our Clusters

Yesterday we had CyberSmart with Gerhard. We had to add places into Google My Maps. We had to do it on the CyberSmart clusters from all over New Zealand and visitors from all over the Globe. It was hard because we had to find where all the schools in Ako Hiko cluster are. I also just learnt that there are more than one cluster in New Zealand, there are four. We are in the Ako Hiko cluster.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Crazy Science Show

Today we were at the Magical World Of Crazy Science by Richard and Robyn. It was so fun watching the show because I learnt so many new things that I never would of know if I didn't go there. I learnt that water is the only thing that is a Liquid, Solid and a Gas. My favourite part was when he was talking about a diaper and baby pee and how it turned into a jelly like solid when the pee hit the polymer. The reason why it does that is because in the nappies there is a thing called polymer which soaks up all the liquid and then it turns into a solid. I really wonder how they make that much polymer to add into the nappies all around the world. Another fact, polymer is the most made thing in the world. I think I should start learning more about science by reading more books in the library and watch more YouTube videos so I can be an expert. Another cool thing is when you mix two or more chemicals together it creates a cool explosion or a chemical reaction. Cool Bubble Video

Friday, September 8, 2017

Good Times

A couple of weeks ago we startee making some poems about camp. At this moment we hadn't gone to camp. We had to make it at least 4 lines long. We had to make it rhyme at the end of each line. We also had to draw a picture about our camp. it was hard because we had to add lots of detail to our drawing. It took me ages to finish my drawing. The easy part was planning out what I was trying to draw, But I think I did well on my poem. If I could go back and change anything it would be the size of the lettering. Overall it was a challenging making the poem look good. Here is my poem - Good Times 
The poem reads - 
I was at camp with my friends
I wish the fun never ends

We were playing touch then we saw a beast
So we ran inside and had a feast 

It was dark outside, late at night 
So we ran inside and had a pillofight

Everybody woke up to the noise 
My dad came in and said "Goodnight Boys"

Friday, September 1, 2017

My Camp Experience

Last week we had a school camp. It was amazing, we had so much fun. There was a very nerve racking build up to camp everybody was so excited for the departure to Mt Ruapehu . They had a very long drive to Mt Ruapehu, around nine hours including all the stops. Unfortunately I couldn't go on the bus ride down there because I was at something else. I was very upset that I couldn't go to to Hamilton Gardens, Kiwiana town and Taumarunui School. I wish I could've gone on the bus. But anyway here's what I've done on camp. It was a very tough four days for most people on camp, one the physical strength of everybody and two the mental strength. Because we all got frustrated a bit and got hurt a bit, but I got hurt heaps. Overall it was a really fun time and I wish I could go back there in a couple of weeks. 

Friday, August 18, 2017


Since the start of term three we have been doing Taekwondo. In our first session we all got a wake up call from the taekwondo instructor. We were all told that we could only speak in outside voices. And we always had to say yes Ma'am and yes Sir to our teachers. It was really fun after that first session because we grew to know our taekwondo teacher. We also got to do a competition every week, we do it on a Thursday. Yesterday our competition was the scissor kick. I came first in my class the two times that we did it. Here are some photos of us warming up for our kicking competition. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Making A Good Comment

Yesterday for Cyber Smart we were looking at making quality blog comment. We were adding Positive, Helpful And Thoughtful commenting starters on a padlet. After we had done that we went onto Ako Hiko to find a blog to comment on. I chose New Windsor School Room 26. I did a comment on there library post. It was really fun doing all the parts of a comment individually. It was not as hard as I thought it was going to be a lot harder. This is the commenting template. 

Friday, August 4, 2017

Math's Creations

Yesterday for maths Te Waka Ako were looking at strand maths. We were asked to make a frame for a house or a tent. We were only aloud to use Toothpicks and modelling clay (Plasticine) and cardboard, we had One hour to make our creation.

It was really hard because it kept on falling down and I would run out of Plasticine, I couldn't get the right build. So I went back to the basics and I just made a little box or cube then I built a little Pyramid on top so it would be a little house. The best thing was trying to make the creation.

I was really happy that it wouldn't fall over anymore. I found out that the easier that you built it, the easier it was for it to stand up. I thought it was really fun and challenging trying to make it stand up and to do it with the amount of materials. Here is what I built, feel free to comment.