Friday, August 4, 2017

Math's Creations

Yesterday for maths Te Waka Ako were looking at strand maths. We were asked to make a frame for a house or a tent. We were only aloud to use Toothpicks and modelling clay (Plasticine) and cardboard, we had One hour to make our creation.

It was really hard because it kept on falling down and I would run out of Plasticine, I couldn't get the right build. So I went back to the basics and I just made a little box or cube then I built a little Pyramid on top so it would be a little house. The best thing was trying to make the creation.

I was really happy that it wouldn't fall over anymore. I found out that the easier that you built it, the easier it was for it to stand up. I thought it was really fun and challenging trying to make it stand up and to do it with the amount of materials. Here is what I built, feel free to comment.

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